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Online personal collection- Soap Opera in Hong Kong

November 26, 2011

I am young sociologist scholar. Recently, I am doing a research about a relationship between public and soap opera. Thus, I would like to share with you ‘soap opera’ between communities. A soap opera is an ongoing, episodic work of drama fiction presented in serial format on television programming. There are my five collections in the following.

In Hong Kong, it is well-known for ‘the king of soap opera’ must be ‘A Kindred Spirit’. (Chinese: 真情) It is one of the longest running drama shows in Hong Kong television history. The total number of episodes is 1,128 that were broadcast from 1995 to 1999. This drama focuses on a family who operates a barbecue pork restaurant inHappyValley, and their daily life. I remember TVB has replayed this drama recently. It attracts most of people review this drama. You can see that even time files, but the drama is related to our life. The citizens may watch it whatever and whenever.

The second drama is ‘Heart of Greed’ (Chinese: 溏心風暴). This drama is very famous in Hong Kongin 2007. This drama shows a renowned sea-products retailer and a big tradition family. However, they have always been a big concern for multi-millionaire. In this story, a family always consider themselves superior to everyone else, seek every opportunity to fulfill their ambitions and remain grateful for whatever they get. Because this drama is related to a hot-issue in society- Battle for Nina Wang’s $12 Billion Estate. This soap opera was so popular in that time. The third drama also produced by TVB.

The story called ‘No Regret’, which set in the late 1930s to late 1940s in Canton, Republic of China during World War II, No Regrets is an epic drama that centers on a triad family, the Guangzhou police force, and the Japanese occupation of the city. In Chinese history, this is one of the shame and impressive memory of every Chinese. Through the main characters fight to the Japanese, we can see our Chinese is so brave and they prefer protect our nation to sacrifice their love. It is one of the valuable stories for us to see.

Virtues of Harmony (Traditional Chinese: 皆大歡喜) is a long-running sitcom from Hong Kong. The series chronicles the comical events and life of the Kam household, a rich family during a prosperous time in the Ming Dynasty of China. This family can show us their family spirit in a conflict and sadness time. Although a family often has a conflict between them, they will not give up the others when the hard time. In 2001 and 2002, Hong Kong has been face to economic downturn, manyHong Kong people was unhappy in that time. Thus, I believe the broadcast company published this drama was useful to encourageHong Kong people to be happiest.

Off Pedder (Traditional Chinese: 畢打自己人) is a TVB modern drama series broadcast since October 2008 and ended on 12 February 2010. The sitcom is about office politics in a magazine company, as well as family and romantic relationships amongst the characters, with the majority of the cast from Best Selling Secrets. The show centres on the politics of the Chao (潮) and Gambo office, and the lives of the characters who work in this office. This drama broadcast time between 20:00 and 20:30. This period is accessible to Chinese family dinning time. As such, it is quite attract for family to watch it.

In conclusion, I think soap operas are suitable for specific audience to watch them. This is because soap opera is included different kinds of TV programs, in range of comedic, teenagers, family, and war and so on. Whatever the changes in society, specific audience also centers on those programs. This is because soap opera also reflects their daily life and a shadow of society. Thus, I think Hong Kong Museum of History is most suitable place to exhibit those collections. This is because Hong Kong broadcast has produced many and many renowned programs, even promoted to other regions, such asAustralia,Malaysia, mainland orSingapore. The soap opera plays an indispensable role onHong Konghistory, but was also one of our collective memories.

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