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The American Museum of Natural History: AMNH Explorer iPhone App

November 29, 2011

Nowadays, everyone has their own smartphone, we can get the latest information via those smartphone instantly. Museums utilize this trend to create different apps for promoting. It is the useful and effective way to promote the museum, and attract more people. Many apps, however, how they to be prominent? A good app should provided visitors tools for a successful experience. Besides, the app should  provide more information than the traditional museum tour such as audio tour, and include many contents like map and schedules that having all-rounded information. AMNH Explorer iphone app takes all advantages, and has the latest technology.

 Navigation system

This app contains museum’s collections, people can via it to get the information and online-visiting. However, the most distinguishing feature of the app is using the navigation system that connecting all the museum’s places.  Explorer can indicate a user’s location, and offer the step-by-step directions with map and arrow. For example, the app can point visitors toward cafes, gift shops and even bathrooms. This app also uses museum’s Wi-Fi network to operate this app.

Apart from those mentioned features, there are other key features of this app. It can be divided four parts. Firstly, about the exhibition s and tour, there are digital exhibits for users to learn more about museum’s collections of select items during the visiting or learn in anywhere. Moreover, the app not only displays the exhibits, but also has a guide tour like pre-loaded tours, custom tours and fossil treasure hunt. Those provide the plan, or plan the tour by yourself. The second part is about sharing the experience to others, when you visit the museum, you can share the interesting exhibits or your own experience through e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. Thirdly, if you want to learn more, this app can bookmark an item and receive the link to more information when you back home. Last but not least, there is provide the museum information that opening times and the museum’s events.

  Museum’s collection

The AMNH Explorer give users or visitors a new museum experience, which contains all-rounded information. If the users have any question, this app also can help them. The visitors also can use this app to visit the museum. It is more convenience because it can be instead the traditional audio tour, they can visit by themselves anytime they want. The app also share a platform to visitors to share their different experiences, thereby increasing visitors interactive to others and enhancing the content of the museum. The app can make the audiences feel more and learn more.

All in all, this app takes full advantage no matter the latest technology or the benefits. It is so successful to promote the museum and attract more visitors.


Video for more information:


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