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Mind map: museum technogies

November 28, 2011

Mobile application-Nan Liam Garden

November 28, 2011

After I visit Nan Liam Gardens, I thought that some of the mobile application’s ideas can be applied in this Garden so visitors can more interact with the garden and also gain more information about the content. As I saw Nan Liam Gardens is a traditional Chinese Landscape garden which contained some aesthetic concepts within the garden. However, visitors have no way to find out this information of the garden that I think this is the main drawback of this garden. In this way, some apps can be useful in solving this problem.

Firstly, I think it is good to provide a park map in apps so visitor can find the scenic spots of the garden according to the map. The map can provide some point for visitor to click in so visitor can have a big picture of this garden. This mobile application can refer to “Golden Gate Park Field Guide” form California Academy of Sciences, but it is showing the scenic spots of garden instead of garden’s facilities.


After visitor is arrived certain scenic spots in the garden, I think the apps can provide some interpretation of that scenic spots through photo and text. For example, one of the Chinese landscape garden’s ideas is “Borrow-scene” and this concept is also existed in Nan Liam Gardens. However, what is “Borrow-scene”? How is it created? Where can I find those scenes in Nan Liam Gardens? Those are the major concerns for visitors so that I think the apps can help to answer those questions. Hence, visitor can points the photos in the apps and then get further information about it.


Besides, I think the apps can also enable visitors to take photos for the apps or official website so it can create a crowdsourcing album for other visitor. Through revealing the visitor’s own experience, it can help to explain how attractive Nan Liam Gardens is. At the same time, it can also help to promote Nan Liam Gardens and attract more people to come!

My concept map of museum technologies

November 27, 2011

Personal Collection

November 27, 2011

Imagine I am a geisha in Japan; my career and image is full of mystery, power and fantasy that differentiated me from the general female. My job is to construct a fictitious relationship to my clients which they are charmed by my appearance, manner and artistry. I am mysterious for them because I am always full-dressed so that they have never seen my true colors. They are curious for my secret so I give them a chance to peep my world behind the mask and see the real me.

In my personal collections, I show the makeup process, Kimono dressing process, hair dressing process and some necessary accessories that having symbolic meanings to my identity. Those collections are the key implements to transform me into a Geisha which are indispensable of any one. I would like to present the essence of my wardrobe that giving a clear understanding to those who are interested in my profession.

1. Geisha makeup process video clip

The video clip is presenting the makeup process of a Geisha which is the most recognizable symbol of my profession. The full white face is created by applying a great quantity white power on my face and then blends it by a brush. This white make up covers my face but maintain the bare skin around my hairline that aims to illustrate I am wearing a mask. The bare skin is also shown on the back of my neck which forms a W or V shape as well. Those shapes represented an erotic area of a female that intentionally attract male glaze in order to increase their fantasy of my image. At the same time, the video clip also shows how to apply cosmetics on my face and thus molding an image of a geisha. Therefore, audience is enabling to deconstruct the mystery of my image.

2. Geisha dress kimono process video clip

This video clip is to show how a geisha dress her kimono before participating in a banquet. Since my kimono style is totally different from normal Japanese woman, people may not know how to wear Geisha’s Kimono. Besides, kimono is one of my working tools which are extremely expensive in market. Therefore, I would like to show how those invaluable was place on my body so as to build up my status in Japanese art field.

3.  Geisha Hair video clip

In order to provide a more information about my appearance, I would like to show how geisha prepare her hairstyle before working. The hair style represents different stage of qualifications that it’s also an important key to understand my profession.

4. This photo is to show I am performing a beautiful dance with an elegant dancing posture. I would like to illustrate the feminine beauty of a Geisha and shows the attractive dancing posture to my audiences and thus let them feel the power of my fascination.

5. The last photo is to show I am serving my client in a banquet. This is the core of my duty as well as my profession. I would like to show this scenery to my audience so they may have a deep impression after seeing my personal collections.

I think Hong Kong Museum of Art is the most suitable place to preserve my collections. It is because my profession is regarded as the Japanese Art which has a great representative of Japanese tradition. As Hong Kong is a place where contain many people from foreign countries, so Hong Kong is a good medium to promote my profession to outside world. Hong Kong Museum of Art has many experiences to exhibit other countries art so I think it is the most appropriate place.

Video references:

Photo references:

My mind map of museum technologies!!!!

November 27, 2011

Mind Map of Museum Technologies

November 27, 2011

November 27, 2011

Mobile and iPad Apps: Artists Working and Artists Talking

November 27, 2011

The Mobile Application I selected is a Video Apps of ‘Artists Working and Artists Talking’ produced by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This application can help users to find out the video clips made by SFMOMA anywhere and anytime In addition, it helps inform more knowledge regarding to modern art and the artists whose objects are/were represented in SFMOMA. In other words, this app is a kind of archives to collect and record the information and knowledge through intelligent devices.


There are more videos can be searched and clicked to enjoy. Those videos are all related to the interview, sharing and introduction of the modern art artists such as Jim Campbell, Bill Viola, Richard Serra, etc. All the artists used to present their art works in SFMOMA. As all known, art can be expressed and interpreted in various ways. This video app is a platform for the artists to explain why they create the art works, what the meanings of art works are, what the uniqueness is, etc. Then the audiences can understand more the idea of the art works. It represents that this app is a two-way device to artists and audiences.

The web provides a complete service for all users. Those readers, who include the poor and me, do not have ‘i’ produces, they can search from desktop computers through its website. The video I red below I would like to click to show. This video describes the process of developing and creating Exploded Views. His art works were exhibited in SFMOMA on November 2011. Apart from that, there is a twelve-page archive for readers to select what they want to watch.


The video I clicked provides brief introduction of Jim Campell and his idea of works. In the right side, there are some information about the video containing the description of the video, the running time and release time. Almost videos are short for convenience. If people would like to get more information, it is suggested that they should arrive to enjoy the exhibition in SFMOMA.


Web: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, <>, [Assess on 27-11-2011]

My favorite mobile apps- Country Dog Gentlemen Gallery Game

November 27, 2011

The Country Dog Gentlemen Gallery Game belongs to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It is produced in 2011 and is designed by Night Kitchen Interactive. It is absolutely a great mobile game that it provides a platform for families exploring galleries together. In other words, it is completely a fantastic parent- child activity.

In fact, the developments of the Country Dog Gentlemen Gallery Game aim at breaking through traditional way that family only experiences exhibits inside galleries. Also, this mobile game provides numerous objects for parents and their children finding out answers but it does not have model answers in order to stimulate children’s thinking and develop their creativity.

This mobile game is first available for free on iPod Touch and soon in App store as downloadable resource so parents and their children can play and learn together at everywhere. It is an inevitable trend that the use of high technologies is the best way attracting audience. Thus, this mobile game is applied a lot of latest digital devices on iPod Touch namely accelerometer, audio capacities and moving images and so on in order to arouse children’s learning interests.

Galleries or museums believed that young generations should appreciate and interpret exhibits through different ways of inquiry such as sound and colour in past. Those young generations were encouraged to explore exhibits through their eyes and minds inside galleries or museums in order to find out answers such as the features of those exhibits.

However, these concepts seem unsuitable for recent decades since simple but playful interface such as the Country Dog Gentlemen Gallery Game is much more considerable and suitable that it caters to the needs of children and busy families. Those target audience can easily learn something from the exhibits of galleries or museums in every time and at everywhere.

Briefly, the Country Dog Gentlemen Gallery Game aims at attracting families with children age from 6 to 10 that they can experience artworks in a new way and share their own museum experiences through the communication among family members. Also, the mobile format allows audience to have an interactive guide from gallery to gallery since they explore the works of Modern art.

Mind Map: Museum Technologies

November 26, 2011

This is the mid map of museum technologies that I created by XMind.


The Museum of Modern Art: AB EX NY iPAD APP!

November 26, 2011

Despite of the apps for the iPhone and Android, there is iPad app in the The Museum of Modern Art. The visitors can use the free MoMA iPad App (Abstract Expressionism) at The Museum of Modern Art to learn more about the artists and history with a multimedia map. The apps show the works by then little-known American artists—including Jackson Pollock, David Smith, and Mark Rothko—part of the Museum’s collections.

This shows the front page of the app, there are 5 categories; and the design is efficient and effective for the users to use as it is easy to use for experienced and novice users.

–featured works


–visitor package


They can learn more about the artists and NYC history with a multimedia Google map of studios, galleries, etc, and watching in-depth videos about the exhibition and on key works of art; browsing a glossary of art terms or watching educational videos about the terms; sharing their favorite works on social network as an effective mobile format, which benefits interaction possibilities, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

We can also use apps to view superb high-resolution images of selected Abstract Expressionist works as there are 147 illustrations. I think the high-resolution images is a creative way of presenting the content that users can view the artworks in a more precise way and impress them more.

In the whole, this mobile application is well-designed and provide a easy way for the iPad users to know more art.







Mobile application- Vatican Museum

November 26, 2011

Mobile applications let people talk to others, listen to music, play games, or send whatsapps to be a convenience way. Museums have been implemented mobile app and this trend become more and more popular in the world.

The app is for the Italy guides: Vatican Museums Tour. This app enables us to see this mysterious and fascinating Vatican museum. The app has different topics, in range of Birth of Museums, the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s rooms, Pio-Clementino Museum, Pinacoteca and so on.

How does it work? It is simply for all age’s people to use it and easy to control it. Simply by tapping to the map, you can choose a place whatever you like. For example, I choose the Sistine Chapel in this app. The app shows me 3D view in Sistine Chapel. Then, I tap to a painting at the backward, which was ‘Last Judgment’. More interestingly, the app enables us to rotate for the photo gallery and zoom into and inspect the painting.

Secondly, the app is informational. There are 200 high quality images of photo gallery. The apps provide us a platform to enlarge our sight and expand our knowledge of those masterpieces. Moreover, there are included 120 minutes of high content audio, soundtrack, and FX. We can have a best experience with headphones. Thus, we can hear some information about the museum and those paintings.

Finally, one of the valuable advantages is we, BACHM year 2 students, have been went this place before, I think this app can revise our memories and consolidated our knowledge absolutely. Even though you have not been there, it does not matter absolutely too. This is because you can make use of this technologies, this app enables you to explore the western art and Vatican history. The function of 3D view and navigation system let you have a feeling of ‘being-here’. Thus, I believe this app can benefit all of us who download it.

The Warhol: Art

November 26, 2011

The mobile application that I would like to introduce is The Warhol: Art. This mobile application is developed by theWarholMuseumand is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Via six navigational categories, the Warhol: Art mobile application features with more than 50 works of art the Andy Warhol created from 1920 to late 1980s, including the iconic Silver Clouds (1966), Sleep (1963), Mao (1972), The Last Supper (1986), and Self-Portrait (1986). By accessing to the valuable pieces of information regarding Andy Warhol’s work of art, users can get to know more about the life and work of Andy Warhol through the app. The app showcases the extensive collection of the Warhol Museum and high resolution images are also available.

The Warhol: Art app also includes lots of secondary materials, such as letters, videos, archival materials, source images, film, video clips, and audio. These materials can provide insights into Andy Warhol’s life. For example, with this app, users will be able to view a video of Warhol working out with his painting, listen to the comments form the museum curators, view related works and read detail information while standing in front of the paintings in theWarholMuseum.

In my opinion, the Warhol: Art mobile application will be a good companion while users are actually visiting the museum and the collection. It is like a tour guide, with information regarding the artist, who will never disappoint the visitors. Also, for those who do not have the chance to visit the Warhol Museum, the app is a virtual version of the museum. They can still experience the works of art by Warhol by using this app in anytime from anywhere.

The Warhol: Art mobile application will be very useful for both museum visitors and people who are interested in Warhol and his work. For the people who have visited the museum, the app can enhance their museum experience while providing lots of background information for people who would like to explore more about the artist. It is meaningful adaption of the technology of mobile application that can provide visitors and users another way to interpret the works of art by Andy Warhol.

November 26, 2011

After the Apple announced the first Iphone in 2007, it pushed the world to the age of smartphone. Nowadays the most common operation platform, I think is Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS systems. According to Nielsen’s data, in 2011 43% of Americans are using smartphones, and in the future the market share of smartphone will still increase. It is really good for the museum to build some applications for the smartphone users. Todays I would to introduce Museum of Modern Art’s mobile apps to you.

Museum of Modern Art provides different type of mobile applicants for different systems, such as Android version, IOS version, Ipad version etc… and I will focus on the IOS version. (I really want to try the android version, but my smartphone is too old that, I can’t run the application.)

This YouTube video shows the user’s feedback to the application, it seem all the feedback are quite positive, I can help the visitors to know more the collection that they saw, and can be a guide to guide visitors to visit the museum. Visitors are very excited to this application especially it is free.

This app contained 6 different functions, “Calendar”, “Tours”, “Information”, “Art”, “MoMA Snaps”, and “MoMA Tracks”.

“Calendar” is to provide the latest news of the museum, including current and upcoming exhibition, events. It also allows you the share the news to your friends through Facebook or Twitter. “Tours”, “Information” and “Art” this 3 functions is all going to give you some information about the museum, collections, and artists, it can provide a lot of useful information to you, and help you to know more about the collections that you saw in the museum. These 3 functions also can help you to plan your journey, before you come to the museum. “MoMA Snaps”, I think is a really good function for the visitor, because it can help you to make your own museum postcard by using the photo that you take in the museum, and you can send to your friend. “MoMA Tracks”, it provide a music library for you to listen music in the museum, or when you using the app.

But MoMA app requires an internet, I hope the museum will provide a Wifi to visitors.

Online personal collection- Soap Opera in Hong Kong

November 26, 2011

I am young sociologist scholar. Recently, I am doing a research about a relationship between public and soap opera. Thus, I would like to share with you ‘soap opera’ between communities. A soap opera is an ongoing, episodic work of drama fiction presented in serial format on television programming. There are my five collections in the following.

In Hong Kong, it is well-known for ‘the king of soap opera’ must be ‘A Kindred Spirit’. (Chinese: 真情) It is one of the longest running drama shows in Hong Kong television history. The total number of episodes is 1,128 that were broadcast from 1995 to 1999. This drama focuses on a family who operates a barbecue pork restaurant inHappyValley, and their daily life. I remember TVB has replayed this drama recently. It attracts most of people review this drama. You can see that even time files, but the drama is related to our life. The citizens may watch it whatever and whenever.

The second drama is ‘Heart of Greed’ (Chinese: 溏心風暴). This drama is very famous in Hong Kongin 2007. This drama shows a renowned sea-products retailer and a big tradition family. However, they have always been a big concern for multi-millionaire. In this story, a family always consider themselves superior to everyone else, seek every opportunity to fulfill their ambitions and remain grateful for whatever they get. Because this drama is related to a hot-issue in society- Battle for Nina Wang’s $12 Billion Estate. This soap opera was so popular in that time. The third drama also produced by TVB.

The story called ‘No Regret’, which set in the late 1930s to late 1940s in Canton, Republic of China during World War II, No Regrets is an epic drama that centers on a triad family, the Guangzhou police force, and the Japanese occupation of the city. In Chinese history, this is one of the shame and impressive memory of every Chinese. Through the main characters fight to the Japanese, we can see our Chinese is so brave and they prefer protect our nation to sacrifice their love. It is one of the valuable stories for us to see.

Virtues of Harmony (Traditional Chinese: 皆大歡喜) is a long-running sitcom from Hong Kong. The series chronicles the comical events and life of the Kam household, a rich family during a prosperous time in the Ming Dynasty of China. This family can show us their family spirit in a conflict and sadness time. Although a family often has a conflict between them, they will not give up the others when the hard time. In 2001 and 2002, Hong Kong has been face to economic downturn, manyHong Kong people was unhappy in that time. Thus, I believe the broadcast company published this drama was useful to encourageHong Kong people to be happiest.

Off Pedder (Traditional Chinese: 畢打自己人) is a TVB modern drama series broadcast since October 2008 and ended on 12 February 2010. The sitcom is about office politics in a magazine company, as well as family and romantic relationships amongst the characters, with the majority of the cast from Best Selling Secrets. The show centres on the politics of the Chao (潮) and Gambo office, and the lives of the characters who work in this office. This drama broadcast time between 20:00 and 20:30. This period is accessible to Chinese family dinning time. As such, it is quite attract for family to watch it.

In conclusion, I think soap operas are suitable for specific audience to watch them. This is because soap opera is included different kinds of TV programs, in range of comedic, teenagers, family, and war and so on. Whatever the changes in society, specific audience also centers on those programs. This is because soap opera also reflects their daily life and a shadow of society. Thus, I think Hong Kong Museum of History is most suitable place to exhibit those collections. This is because Hong Kong broadcast has produced many and many renowned programs, even promoted to other regions, such asAustralia,Malaysia, mainland orSingapore. The soap opera plays an indispensable role onHong Konghistory, but was also one of our collective memories.